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Best Spa Bangalore We at Sutramassage spa,aims at being honest in everything. So with us there is no chance for you to get dissatisfied.

Best Spa Bangalore We believe in serving you fine and quality massage services so that to keep a long term relationship with you.

Best Spa Bangalore We provide special services at zero cost which fulfils your personal wishes at ease. Where you weren’t required to hesitate.

Best Spa Bangalore Our masseuse working here, treats you as a friend more than considering you just as a client.

Best Spa Bangalore Hence you feel highly comfortable while you are at our parlour.

Best Spa Bangalore Our parlour is highly clean and hygienic. We show medical certificate of our therapies so that you will feel safer to go on with any of your wish with the female therapy.

Best Spa Bangalore Do check our reviews given by our clients. Which will help you understand us better.

Best Spa Bangalore We also provide refund system if any thing goes wrong or If you don’t like to take any certain massage thing, even after booking.

Best Spa Bangalore We only have skilled and experienced massage therapies. Thus, you doesn’t need to worry anything about their work.


Welcome Our customer

If you are here having a thought of massage in mind. Then don’t worry you are at the right destination. We are well known massage provider in Bangalore with an experience of over a decade. Its been a great journey since we started out and now we have over hundreds of clients who never miss to visit our spa once in a week.

Our Sutramassage spa welcomes you with honour and here you will get every body massage service with utmost quality and perfection. Explore our world and give yourself a visit to know how much clever and good we are.

Massage in Bangalore, Karnataka

SUTRA - " A Sanskrit word which means FORMULA or the WAY”, Same as that we are the formula to Vanish all your Stress and pain and it's tested and approved thing that a proper massage can not only heal your body, but it has the power to rejuvenate your blood circulation system, a body massage is as therapeutic as taking a medicine it can breathe a new into you and that is the thing which is most expensive in the world that your face shouldn't tell your age that kind of drastic results you can get with the help of body massage in Bangalore

We do and specialized in each and every kind of massage we have recruited our staff after a lot of screening and on the experience based, so chill guys you are going to have the most luxurious body to body massage available in Bangalore, and this is not our thought this is the belief and confidence that we are at the ace position in serving people in body massage services.

Female To Male Massage in Bangalore

There was a time when massage was given only to cure aches and misery by an old age guy or lady in a very miserable way, but now a whole Era of massage services has changed and now we are living the new generation of female to male massage in Bangalore those things are now nostalgia now the body is not only therapeutic but it is also an access to pleasure also the old miserable ways has replaced with very calm calculated and joyful once

Why sutra massage?

Sutramassage spa is a perfect place for all your massage requirements. It could be anything or any type of massage you’d like to take. We are equipped with every luxuries required for your satisfaction hence your experience would becomes something unmatchable.

We have fixed price, still we will negotiate at your request.

We provide every type of body massage, including Nuru, Erotic, Soapy, Sandwich and others like Swedish, ayurvedic, shaishtu, sports massage, aromatherapy with professional females.

You can contact us for any information regarding massage before booking service .

We will first introduce you to our parlour once you came in, then let you take the massage.

Beautiful and educated female therapies often available for female to male body massage either in our spa or for door step service at any of your place

You can select your lady among various female therapies standing right in front of you.

As mentioned earlier you can contact us directly for any services and there will not be any charges like commissions or there wouldn’t be any persons like mediators. Its between we and you. Business will operate .

Call girls and Bangalore escorts were also available every time.

All our therapies are soft and kind hearted, they feel very proud to offer the massage.

During massage sessions, private services will be offered by our masseuse including sex.

We are the licensed massage agency in Bangalore hence we have the permission to provide massage which includes personal pleasure.

Specifically, if we talk about our spa in Bangalore than we have the most gorgeous girls that you wouldn't get that easy and you would love to join their company and as we know that our body is like a temple and if you want to let worship someone than we are here eager to help you, the B2B massage Bangalore can do wonders to your body and it can rehabilitate your tensed muscles. We do not take care of our body as we should do so the massage is can be the best gift we could get.

Erotic Massage Indiranagar Bangalore

Our spa in Bangalore has an exotic and fascinating ambience that ambience will definitely going to win your heart and you mood will be set to feel free we have tried to make parlour environment which gives you and eternal bliss when you will be entered to our massage parlour your mind will be mesmerised by the aroma of sandal wood smell and a light instrumental music is always there which will give a touch of spirituality.

Our prime motto is to provide the actual demand, which can't be explained in words by our customers and executing those unspoken words is our duty and we are pleased to do that, we are just rediscovering the pleasure in the area massage service Bangalore and not even massage we take care of everything in other words we can say that your secrecy is our responsibility and take care of it very carefully because we believe in relations more than business,

The quality Massage in bangalore

As we know nowadays things and lifestyle is becoming harder and hectic too we do a lot hard work to make money and build our bank balance, but we all are humans and our body needs to have detoxification to get capacity to do further things with an enthusiasm, we all need a simple and easy to access way to get our need so we sutra the massage in bangalore is the perfect answer for you and we stand here just detoxify and satisfy people's life.


We do not cheat anybody here is the proof.

Since from 30 days we are recieving many complain regarding Massage service, the reason to this is because Sutramassage took massage parlour in lease for 1 MONTH to 3 MONTH which was runing by local agencies but now we do not have any link to any of the agencies in Bangalore because of the wrong behaviour towards customers.

So in order to maintain the stablity between us and customers we have started an Independent service in most of the areas of Bangalore. Where we will only provide High Profile Massage with happy ending and full service. You can see the price details in RATE LIST

There are a list of 18 customers who were cheated by local agencies. So in order to again mantain the link up we are giving 10% discount to each and every customers. Which will include Happy Ending massage with full service.


Through taking our name some people in Bangalore who are related to massage agency may cheat you saying colour full things. Don’t believe such persons. Call us directly on the given number we put on the website and will bring you here safely to provide service.

As body massage is the most demanding and most liked massage service, you might be forced by some service providers in Bangalore in the name of girls, with sex as major attraction. If you get into any of such situations. Don’t go for it. If you do, you won’t get both massage or either sex properly. Those people aims only for money. So do believe only in massage spas like us and its only spa’s of our kind, who has the potential to offer you massage service along with personal benefits. We did listed such benefits and you can see it on the next page.

Body to body massage in Bangalore

Nowadays we all busy with making money and we are doing it at very harder level and in doing that we all forgets sometimes to eat, sleep and have proper rest, then all we need get relaxed and the ones who are aware of how to get that, definitely massage is there in his list, because body massage in Bangalore is not just a therapy, it's an elixir which gives enthusiasm to get back to your life and work like a beast.

We are living in Bangalore, which is global hub now, due to its characteristic you can find people here from around the globe like America, Russia, Africa and Australia they all are here due to their work and office, and people from different countries have many types of demands which they are having in their own country in day to day life, Due to that reason now we can see many different kind of cuisines in Bangalore just because it is demanded by them and they love to have the food by their own choice, likewise massage is one of them just because of demand now there are plenty of massage parlour in Bangalore.

And it's not about only availability you can get plenty of choices in that with categories like body to body massage, hot massage, sandwich massage, soapy massage, therapeutic massage, full body massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, four hand massage. And definitely all of these massages are cross gender massages.

Our Massage Girls in Bangalore

Our Massage Girls in Bangalore

Erotic Massage

Do you know what is more fascinating than massages? Erotic massages! Here in Sutramassage, we will give you the best Erotic Massage Service extravaganza in Bangalore. Experience the nerve-wracking thrill here with us.

Our every customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed as he assure high-quality services offered by the finest, luscious, high-skilled, and professional massage therapist that will blow your mind. Our massage therapists are equipped with experience, overwhelming sexiness, endearing faces packed with their wild and oozing sex appeal and humor that you will surely enjoy.

They will give you not just any other massage experience you can find out there, but a whole new world of static pleasure, excitement, and pleasure that will rejuvenate and revitalize your soul. Quench your thirst with our classic beauties as we offer you a wide and flexible variety of muses for your expense; choose your own massage therapist for a more personal-induced sex experience and relaxation!

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Massage in Bangalore
Massage in Bangalore
Massage in Bangalore

Body massage in Bangalore

Best is a word which is hard to get and belongs to level setting thing, this kind of thing deserve to be handled by the same kind of people and we are happy to inform you our massage service is also considered as best among all services in Bangalore, so why wait just ping us to get satisfied.

We never make fake promises and assurance because we believe that the client is the ultimate king of our business so we cannot be rich by making few fake promises so taking it as an important factor we never step aside for delivering the best and we would to love to have you also as our proud customer.

Body massage at home - Doorstep Massage

Tension and stress are now a day has become a huge issue for working people and as we know the Bangalore is an IT hub and being an employee in a software tycoon is good, but it gives a lot of stress also with a big fat salary but don't need to worry about anything because we are known as stress busters our body massage service will kick out in pain from your body and why wait, if can't come to our place we can reach to your doorstep yes we provide the body massage at home also.

We love to have conveniences in our life.It makes you feel better when everything comes to you automatically as we love to have it, what if it happens with massage service also, yes, if you think the same than our services are the best for you, some of clients have some privacy issue due to their past bad experiences so they mostly prefers to call a massage girl at home instead of going to that parlor, calling a massage girl at your place makes you feel more secure than having that service at any other outer place.

Thai massage in Bangalore - The erotic touch

Thailand is the place which known as the heaven of the massage and due to that legacy the Thai massage is known as the best among all massages, sadly we cannot go to the Thailand on a daily basis because it's a bit cost effective and time taking so, but still if you willing to have that luxury in Bangalore so we are the best available option for you our masseuses are well trained for Thai massage and body to body massage.

Thailand is the place which known as the heaven of the massage and due to that legacy the Thai massage is known as the best among all massages, sadly we cannot go to the Thailand on a daily basis because it's a bit cost effective and time taking so, but still if you willing to have that luxury in Bangalore so we are the best available option for you our masseuses are well trained for Thai massage and body to body massage Bangalore, A Thai massage is mostly acquired to get smooth and nourishing skin what if you get something erotic as add-on? Yes! After getting relaxed from Thai massage you can have some intimate moments with your masseuses which will be included to package and because you have already aroused by her hands definitely you love make some erotic moments with her.

Ladies Massage Center In Bangalore

What is basically a massage means, In this question every one understand that a male will be taken care completely according to their wish by one or more masseuse to comfort and relax with the type of massage needed. So ladies body massage near me you would be the best option rather than fnding Massage Girls Center in Bangalore then checking reviews etc. We proudly upgrade and think upfront from customer point of view and announce massage by ladies near you area.

Now a days a lot Applications developed for individuals to chat themselves to get ladies massage in Bangalore which cause risk and cheating of money but instead we work on individual profile of masseuse and after screening we post all the profile of ladies who are good in massage techniques by this way we reduce risk and time wastage.

More than this we don’t have same profile of lady massage more than 6 months. Your search and needs will be monitored to provide better service next time even we have counseling people to assist you with right masseuse with right package. But all these data’s will not be disclosed to any other forum so in total we provide complete safety and secured massage service in Bangalore.

Massage centre location near Me
Massage centre location near Me
Massage centre location near Me
Massage centre location near Me

Best Massage Center Location Near Me Bangalore

LOCATION Where is the Body to body spa near me will be our doubt but with no hesitation and with 100% guarantee we Sutra massage promise all our client a complete relaxation and great satisfaction on every visit at all our service locations

Sutra massage in Bangalore operates in various location of Bangalore to provide hustle free service to all our clients at any point at every location

Indiranagar is one of the top prioritized area in our service providing list since the body to body massage is a signature service and got excellent feedback from more number of clients.

Lingam rub massage is very famous in Marathalli area and in Brigade road massage area also, this both areas are a hub for more foreign travellers and VVIP’s

Ulsoor and Indira Nagar is the best spot for our iconic female to male spa near me with hot water Jacuzzi and in every month survey including these two Koramangala and HSR layout area are the top business areas.

How to contact massage centers in Bangalore ?

Once you decide visiting to a Body to body massage spa Indiranagar or any other in Bangalore, Pick the best spa or massage centre through the help of google. Find the better one and go through the company’s entire website, check every information they have added. If it feels honest and genuine to you then talk to the service provider through the number given by them on their website. Ask whether they offer your required massage therapy. If they say yes, then take all the necessary information about the massage and also about the masseuse they provide. If the person spoke and respond to your needs precisely then went on to book your massage.

Whih state girls for beautiful massage in india?

When its come to the question of which state females offer the best experience of massage, it is hard to mention the name because every one do their best to give their clients a great relief. But as the question raised we will say that girls from north states does the fabulous massage service and the reason is they were from the families who are in this particular job from years. So they compliance the skills and methods from their parents and relatives. Thus becomes the best than the other state women’s. But this doesn’t mean you should not consider others because they too can mesmerise you with their skills beyond your expectations.

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