Sutra Massage Bangalore massage-in-bangalore
  • Process of Body Massage from start to end!

    1. So as you can see in this video you will be able to see what exactly is happening in our massage centre from start to end. This video includes each and every session that is evolved while giving the service.

  • Doorstep massage - Massage at your home

    In this type of massage, our therapist will go at your place and give you the full body massage. In this process, the oil which is highly recommended during massage is used. This all actually enhances your body and improves your sensual feeling of your body.

  • Erotic massage - the real Nuru Massage Lingam massage

    As you can see here the therapist is giving him the actual Nuru Massage which is used to enhance your Lingam and make that part stronger. During this massage, you may reach the threshold point so be strong enough to hold your threshold point. And that energy will be used for the further process which is the main part of the massage.

  • Enhance your body while taking massage

    The massage service that we provide can be done anywhere you want that maybe your place, your personal place, your home, or maybe at some private place. If you want just to enjoy with our therapist then this will be the best selection we will give you the whole list of therapist where you can select any one and you can enjoy the service.