Body to Body Massage in Bangalore

Massage in Bangalore

Type of Massage services

Talking about different types of massage service, where is the massage therapist work perfectly in their work which will fit your needs. Not only give a massage but we also give attention to it everyone according to the demands that can be a pleasure, beautiful and erotic. We have each and every kind of massage according to your demands the reason behind this is we learn new techniques and skills to make a massage a perfect one and then we offer to our clients. So here are some list of massage services below you can choose any one according to your needs.

Sutra massage

Sutra massage is basically massage done with Kamasutra oils. This massage is divided into three different parts that are tantra massage, lingam massage and yoni massage.

In ancient time the Tantra massage was done by the king and the queen which is also described in the Kamasutra. In this the main ingredient is ayurvedic massage oil, which makes your body senseless but still, you can feel the touch.

Lingam Massage is not only done for Orgasm but also its main goal is to massage the parts externally. Which also include perineum and sacred spot. Disallow the man to surrender his body to a form of pleasure.

What is Yoni massage?

The word yoni has been described from the Sanskrit word vagina. It actually means "Sacred Temple". This massage heals the inner part of your body. This process the therapist touches your yoni not for creating any arousal and orgasm but actually, the intention is to raise the joyful moment.

Male to female - Erotic Massage

Since we know that cross gender help the massage process to give a boost to the body which helps to get rid of all the pain and tiredness. To make this happen we have also added this service for all the females who want an erotic massage. We have a list of good and Trained male therapist that will help you through whole massage process.

Now let me tell you what is a male to female erotic massage?

A male to female erotic massage is a practice which touches the boundaries of eroticism and the height of the senseless. In that massage an expert male masseuse provides his full service and gives his best to make his female client happy and satisfy, the masseuses will specially take care of her erogenous zones like breasts, pubis, clitoris he will massage this place in a very synchronized and unique way so our client must have remembered her experience of erotic massage at sutra massage and spa.

Female to male - Erotic Massage

A female to male erotic massage is as same as a male to female erotic massage. Here also the cross-gender help the body to get relief from pain. The whole process is done with the help of oil named "japani oil" which give a boost to the body.

An erotic massage and sexual massage are more than a therapy of relaxation, it is a mixture of physical and spiritual way to get nirvana on the earth, doesn't matter how tensioned or stressed you are this massage have ultimate strength to take you from hell to heaven, It is not just only relaxes your body muscles but also your genital parts. The masseuses will massage your penis and perineum (the area located between the back of the penis and the anus). It includes also the intercourse and orgasm because we cannot conclude anything erotic without an ejaculation or orgasm.

Soapy Massage

This type of massage was originated in Thailand and it is very famous there because of its sensuality now "This is the new Black" for the whole globe because it contains extensive amount of pleasure and makes you feel exotic, it is also known as the wet massage in this kind of massage soap and water is involved as partner because that is the essence to make your special moment more special.

This massage will take place in the bathroom that 4x4 foot room will have a lot of fun for you, so definitely you are going to take shower or bathing, massage so it demands to off your all clothes, than masseuses will make a bit wet with water and she will rub the soap throughout your body, she will massage your pelvic muscle to the erected shaft that how the massage going to be done and most importantly an ejaculation or orgasm can also take place if you want.

4 Hand massage

A massage therapy, which is operated by two female masseuses, que. Arise, why two masseuses? The answer in a bigger number is always better, if one can give so excitement, so just think what if when you'll get treated by two beautiful masseuses and they both will be your choice, in this massage Aroma and lotion plays a very important role because it sets an environment and ambience which makes you calm and Composed, the both masseuses will make you lie-down to the massage bed and one will massage your lower body like your buttock, pelvic area and perineum area. While the other will take care of your upper body and when it will happen, that thing will give chills from body, soul which will give you energy to work hard and better.

Our body can feel the touch, and now imagine when 4 hands get in contact with your body at the same time how your mind will react. Hear your mind will quickly give up control and hence it is a powerful treatment for your mind as well as for your body. This massage is actually done to double the relaxation in less than half the time.

Nuru massage

Nuru massage is an ancient Japanese technique of massage where "NURU" means the slippery or the smooth, it is a very special and erotic kind of massage technique which is too developed to cure hysteria (it is a Disease due to lack of sex and pleasure) and basically in Nuru massage the masseuses use an odorless and non sticky oil or lotion, mostly it is considered as mutual masturbation.

Specifically, in the Nuru massage the masseuse will be always your opposite gender and it requires to undress you totally, but if you shy a bit then you can put undergarments on. Themasseuses will pour the lotion or oil throughout your body and then the most seductive thing happens in which your masseuses start sliding her body to the client's body and they always follow a rule that hard muscles are massaged by soft tissues and soft muscles are massaged by soft tissues like back and chest will be massaged by breasts and buttocks, legs and calf will be massaged by ankles and feet.

Sensual massage

A premium massage for our premium and beloved clients, In the sensual massage the sensuality of masseuses makes it more hotter than massage itself because our masseuses which provides this service has an outstanding figure so you would be turned on only by looking at her once and twice, What if you could fulfil your personal desires through that girl nothing can be better than that, she will pamper your well erected manhood by her lips and petal soft hands in sensual massage the every demand of the client will be taken care of so you should not wait take it as soon as you can because pleasure is waiting for you.

The sensual massage will energize your inner soul of the body and will make you feel as if you are in heaven. Without touching your body this massage will make you feel the real world of massage. It's a kind of intimate touch which will increase your pleasure. This will create a strong chemistry between you and the therapist which will create a new miracle and you will feel address the rest of the world seems to vanish. Come and experience the power of the sensual massage.